Rose vs Chaton Montees

Rose Montées vs Chaton Montées

What is the difference between a Rose Montées and a Chaton Montées

As part of their Crystallized™ Range, within Metal Trimmings, Swarovski offers Rose Montées rose montee shape and Chaton Montées chaton montee shape. But what exactly are the differences and how can you use them?


Montées are stones that are integrated to and pre-mounted into a special metal 'cup' or setting. This allows you to securely sew the stone to the backing material, or to string them together with thread or jewelry wire.

The difference in naming comes from the shape of the stones themselves.

rose round stone

Rose Montées

Roses are loose crystal components that are round and have a flat back.

So a Rose Montées is a round, flat-back stone that has been pre mounted into a flat cup setting. The back of the cup setting allows you to sew/string the stone in 2 stringing directions.

chaton stone

Chaton Montées

Chatons are loose crystal components that are not necessarily round and have a cone-shape back - i.e. not a flat back.

Swarovski's current chaton Montées are however round, but the stones have a pointy, cone back that sits in a higher metal setting. Chaton Montées can also be sewn/strung in 2 stringing directions.


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